The red days

Women should be given time to be alone during menstruation not because of ‘toxins’ but because their attention and energy need a brief time to turn inward like, during winter, the Earth’s energy is turned inward. And because of this internalization, the beautiful Spring is born. Women experience this cycle every month, reflecting the greater natural cycle. 

Understanding this, women have to nurture their creative potential, which many times manifested as the ultimate in human attainment and self-realization, which is the only goal of Yoga!! 

The so-called ‘Modern’ women today are not allowed a few days rest to turn their creative potential inward to its source. This is the cause of many social problems and personal frustrations along with relationship issues. 

Am not anti-anything nor am personally opposed to doing anything. It’s all about increasing your knowledge. Knowledge brings Power, Personal Power.

And no, I don’t cook on my red day (Let alone other days). 

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Until next time, stay happy and stay calm.