Offline to Online Classes..because nothing can stop us

Nothing can stop us from what we were doing before the circuit breaker. No, not until we are in 2020 at least, where we have a steady internet and advanced technology.

Why stay behind when the whole world is ready to go forward? Break the barriers, cross the borders. Move forward and go online with us, with Sri’s Online Classes. 

More than 25 sessions a week, right from Gentle to Vinyasa, Hip to Heart, Stability to Mobility,  Cardio to  Strength,  every class is systematically planned to meet the current requirements of our clients to cope up with the uncertain times and to bring strength and hope both physically and emotionally.

Sign up for our Zoom Club and welcome to our virtual classes, we assure you the experience will feel real.

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments section below and do share this blog with your loved ones who would be interested in our online classes.                         

Until next time, stay happy and stay calm.