My zen corner

My house has a Zen corner, and that’s where I escape to when my amygdala signals a threat. I sit there for a while, I just sit.

I run to my Zen corner when my hypothalamus signals my pea-sized pituitary to cause stress, and this pea is quite a mighty pod, I must say. I sit there and pour tea deliberately into the tiny little teacups. 

While I deliberately pour the tea into those tiny little teacups, that ‘pea’ commands my adrenal glands to secrete Cortisol, wanting to throw me off balance. I sit in my Zen Corner and start sipping the deliberately poured tea, slowly

I sit in my Zen Corner, pour the tea deliberately into those tiny little teacups and start drinking it slowly, and while I space my mind between sitting, pouring and sipping and sitting, pouring deliberately and sipping slowly… 

…My Brain is

The Sit, The Pour, The Sip. 

My house has a Zen corner.

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Until next time, stay happy and stay calm.