My Corona Scare, A Day Before The Lockdown

After washing my hands several times with a disinfectant hand wash, I grabbed my face mask, hand gloves and a sanitizer to head out to Mustafa centre, the Walmart of Singapore, to hoard my pantry with all the essentials, i.e, the paper rolls.

My trusted friend, whom I trust to be free from COVID, promptly picked me up in his car as we wanted to avoid all sorts of risky public transports. We decided to grab our lunch and to catch up on our long pending gossip about China being irresponsible at any given situation.

Surprised to see the usual jam-packed restaurant, with a minimum number of people and brightly crossed red danger symbols on every table, the waiters ran towards us taking temperatures, pouring the hand sanitizers when we outstretched our hands in surprise and pointed out to a distant table. When I made a loud comment of the restaurant being half empty, the cashier corrected me calling it half full. The food tasted much better and our usual chats appeared more meaningful and yes, the topic was still China.

The real fun started as we entered the Mustafa centre, which as usual was filled with noise and ex-pats and few tourists with their face masks on, and to them, My friend and I were seen as potential carriers.

Both the buyers and the employees in the centre you would think religiously practised antithesis of physical distancing, in every possible way, but the reality was crowded stations, pulling and pushing each other and making all kinds of physical contact possible. 

Now, it was my turn to get crazy and I piled up the large trolley with all sorts of convenient foods, sugar-based drinks and of course, the paper rolls, yet another invention of China, leaving none for my neighbours. There was no need for my sanitizers, gloves or the mask,  as we all touched everyone and everything in every single possible way and I strongly started believing that this COVID is a man-made story or an imaginary zombie that never existed.

I accomplished my goal, leaving no stone unturned to my hoarding spree, my friend and I headed back to the car park for our mandatory pouty-mouthed selfie and a few nonsensical Tik-Toks, thanks to China again. Laughing and giggling away, the sun and the crowd, forgetting the yardstick of 6 feet distancing.

At the end of the drive, I hugged and kissed my friend on his cheek, and thanked him with handshakes (forgotten all about social distancing). But as soon as I entered my home, I showered with a Dettol body wash, used hand sanitizers to be extra careful and popped up at least half a dozen pills of supplements to boost my immunity.

I then unrolled my Yoga mat to strengthen my beliefs and longevity, took a deep breath, and that’s when something tickled my nostril. I let out three clean and loud sneezes. (Scare level 100) Now, with the next deep breath, I chanted Ohm… peace!

The Clock Began To Tick,

Tick Tok Tick Tok. 

Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below and if you resonate with my thoughts, do share it with your loved ones.                                      

Until next time, stay happy and stay calm.