Is it still Darwin’s Theory?

Immunity is the ability of the human body to protect from disease or resist the infection of specific antibodies or sensitised white blood cells. There are two ways of acquiring immunity in the human body. The first way is to get exposed to the bug, allowing it to invade your system and becoming resilient to the disease. The other common way is to get a vaccination for that particular virus, so you are immune to it and don’t contract the disease. 

With the outbreak of the global pandemic COVID-19, which is a unique virus, there are no vaccines formulated to date, which eliminates the second way of acquiring immunity and leaves us with the first option. That is, getting the bug into our systems and then trying our luck for herd immunity. But what’s herd immunity? It is a reduction in the likelihood of someone catching a specific infectious disease because a significant proportion of the people in that person’s community are immune to it. If you are less likely to come in contact with an infectious person, you’re less likely to get infected yourself. The people in a community can be immune to a particular disease especially through previous exposure or vaccination.

So what I mean by trying our luck with the herd immunity is, allowing large groups of people to get exposed to the virus, then observe how it interacts with the human system and how the immunity strengthens while adjusting to the new bug. This is where co-existence comes into the picture and it plays a big role. The virus doesn’t want to destroy it’s newly found habitat and the human body allowing the microbe to complete its cycle, without allowing itself to die, similar to how we outlived the common flu till date. 

The other imminent way of handling the global crisis is to flatten the curve of its spread by mathematical calculations. By understanding the statistics at the rate of its spread and by not being complacent about lockdowns, degree of social distancing, finding the hotspots of the clusters and taking necessary precautionary measures, so that we don’t bring down the health system with tomato cases, silent carriers and cases like Patient No 31. 

This means the curfews and the quarantining process should be executed at an early stage, and even before the incubation commences. We must take efficient measures of tracking down the liable patients with right interventions, recognize and act as quickly as possible. To implement this, every country should be well-equipped with timely testing facilities, enough manpower and advanced infrastructure. At the same time, work towards coming up with a vaccine as quickly as possible. 

Unless measures are initiated on a war footing, the human race is sure to lose to an invisible micro organism or precisely to the natural selection of the “Survival of the Fittest”. 

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Until next time, stay happy and stay calm.