Garland pose

Garland Pose or Malasana is a basic squat, helping in stretching the hip, firing up the deep inner thighs and the groin. With regular practice of this Asana, one’s metabolism can be boosted, as this posture exerts pressure on the various endocrine glands, ensuring to keep the body’s weight in check and also a great energy output.  

Combining Malasana with powerful breathing like Kapalabhati or Bhastrika cleans the system and restores the well-being of internal organs and puborectalis muscles. 

This pose secures stability, improves balance as it increases the range of motion in the ankles and knees of the practitioner, barring osteoporosis in later ages. 

As this is fundamentally a squat posture and all squats and its variations show good toning results in a short period and also has an advantage of practising anywhere without the need for any equipment. If you ask me, I would call this a Badass Pose!

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