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Plank Challenge

What’s a Plank?

Plank is a simple yet versatile exercise with multiple benefits. The beauty of this exercise is that you need no equipment for getting in shape. This bodyweight exercise is done by using your own body weight and one can practically perform this exercise anywhere anytime. There are variations of plank exercise such as the basic plank, elbow plank, one side plank, leg raised plank to name a few.

What are the benefits of planks?

It improves your core strength, helps you maintain a good balance, improves your posture, flexibility and metabolism, and decreases the risk of back pain. These are a few of the many benefits that you can gain from a simple exercise if practised every day.

What’s a Plank Challenge?

We are hosting a one month plank challenge where one gradually increases the time of being in the plank posture. Starting from holding the plank for 30 seconds on the first day to 5 minutes at the end of the challenge (on the 31st day). The plank posture can be completely of your choice.

Do you think you can stay committed for 31 days? Do you think you can beat your own time everyday? There is only one way to find out.

Register now for our Plank Challenge.

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