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Mystic Moon Eve at Sri’s

What’s Moon Salutations?

Did you know Sun Salutations popularly known as Surya Namaskar has a sister with opposite characters known as Moon Salutations aka Chandra Namaskar? Unlike Surya Namaskar that strengthens and warms the body as you embody solar energy, Chandra Namaskar on the other hand helps you relieve stress and attract the soothing lunar energy.

What are the benefits of Moon Salutations?

The lunar energy embodies calm, creative and soothing qualities. It helps a person with stress strike calm and peace. It also stretches the spine and legs plus strengthens the muscles of legs, arms, back, and stomach. This also helps increase flexibility.

What’s the Mystic Moon event?

While you can practice the Moon Salutations on any given day, the power and charm of practicing this on a full moon day takes it to a whole new level. Gear up to watch the moon on a full moon day while we complete the music number with 18 rounds of Moon Salutations, followed by meditation on the moon.

Let’s not speak about the mystics of the moon, instead let’s embrace them as they are! Register now for the Mystic Moon night.

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