Event Detail

International Yoga Day 2020

Fee: Free for All
Attire: White T-shirt and Black Pants (Sri’s students are advised to wear our School’s T-shirt)
Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

Class Structure:

a) What is Yoga?
b) The Fundamentals of Yoga
c) Traditional Schools of Yoga
d) General Guidelines for Yoga Practice

a) Prayers
b) Chaalan Kriyas
c) Standing Postures
d) Seated Postures
e) Prone Postures
f) Supine Postures

Kapalabhati (3 cycles)
Nadisodhana (5 rounds)
Sheethali Pranayama (5 rounds)
Bhraamari Pranayama with Shanmukhi mudra (5 rounds)

Dhyana (Meditation)
Sankalpa (Affirmation)
Shanti Patha (Universal Prayer)

Event information
 Online | Zoom