Dhyana is the seventh limb of Ashtanga Yoga. Dhyana is the final step of meditation before one enters the domain of Samadhi – the ultimate absorption. 

Dhyana is about absolute awareness which is neither partial, finite nor limited. With the right initiation and the right type of meditation that’s suitable to one’s self, the consciousness tries to annihilate itself. The experience of meditation, meditating and the object of meditation also disintegrates and the boundaries are broken. Then, your existence dissolves and this is the highest point where you reach Nirvana or Samadhi! In our class, we lead you to various paths such as Vipassana, Zen, Mantra, Chakra, Kundalini or Mindful meditation and they will all lead you to the same destination, Samadhi! 

Enjoy the meditative state of being and be absorbed in the present with our Dhyana/meditation sessions.

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