Yoga for Women

Multi Style Yoga

You get to learn different styles of yoga each day to beat the monotony of doing the same style. It adds spice to your practice where the teacher uses her experience to educate the critical alignment theory, nutrition in yoga, functional anatomy, yoga philosophy and history along with varied styles from different schools of yoga from Power or Ashtanga Vinyasa to Yin or Restorative class.

Classes every Wednesday and Friday, 10am SGT.

Integrated Yoga

Based on the principle that all psychosomatic disorders are caused by internal imbalances of stressful and demanding situations in life and can be dealt only through integrating all the six branches of Yoga namely Hatha, Raja, Karma, Jnana, Bakthi and Japa Yoga.

Classes every Tuesday and Thursday, 8pm SGT.

Fitness Masters

A well built physique is more than vanity. It shows discipline, dignity and dedication. It requires patience, passion and self respect. It cannot be bought, stolen or inherited. It cannot be held onto without constant work

With Fitness Masters you not only change your looks but your other areas of life for the better! New class with variety of sessions every week.

Classes every Monday, 10am SGT.

Fees per Month

  • SGD 90 – 1 session each week
  • SGD 175 – 2 sessions each week
  • SGD 260 – 3 sessions each week
  • SGD 345 – 4 sessions each week

Walk-in: SGD 28 per session


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