The Mantra Aum is the king of Mantras which is simple to chant but profound when experienced. Most of the other mantras are generally limited as it is intended for a specific purpose or for a particular type…

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My zen corner

My house has a Zen corner, and that’s where I escape to when my amygdala signals a threat. I sit there for a while, I just sit.
I run to my Zen corner when my hypothalamus signals…

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The red days

Women should be given time to be alone during menstruation not because of ‘toxins’ but because their attention and energy needs a brief time to turn inward, like during winter, the Earth’s…

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Garland pose

Garland Pose or Malasana is a basic squat, helping in stretching the hip, firing up the deep inner thighs and the groin. With regular practice of this Asana, one’s metabolism can be boosted, as this postureexerts…

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