Sripriya Indramohan is a charismatic, dynamic and free-spirited personality, with happiness being her perpetual state of mind. She gives due credit to Yoga for being in this place in her life. She has been practicing and studying yoga for over 25 years and teaching for over 17 years which includes different styles of yoga such as Vinyasa, Kundalini, Restorative, without deviating from the traditional Yoga system. She’s one of the very few teachers in the world who can recite and explain all the 196 Yoga Sutras of Patanjali to modern-day students and trainers in Asia and she makes them understand it in the purest form. 

She’s an avid globetrotter who has been on eclectic solo adventures around the world. Her love for yoga and curious personality brings her to explore monasteries, yoga centres, retreats, and she also volunteers and teaches yoga, hosts retreats, meets disciples and brings back experiences for a lifetime. Stitching together, she’s highly experienced and has a deep sense of traditional yoga principles and it’s three pillars – alignment, anatomy, and physiology which is consistent and deep-rooted in her teachings. 

With over 15 years of teaching experience, Sripriya considers herself fortunate as she could learn from many renowned Yogi’s globally, which has helped enhance her expertise. She believes that learning is a continuous journey and holds over 100 certifications to date. Here are a few through prestigious foundations.


E-RYT 500
Yoga Alliance



Yoga Alliance


American Council
On Exercise


Suspension Training


1st Dan In
Shito-Ryo Karate

She incorporates all the eight limbs of Ashtanga Yoga in her life, and to her students. With special focus on Pranayama where she teaches with precision and perfection of techniques and Meditation covering different types and levels. She also imparts and executes safe techniques of Shat Kriyas, plus teaches Slokas, Chants, Mantras and Bhajans as in the original form. Her area of speciality includes teaching forward bends and hip openers. 

She has an interesting journey right from her childhood; with a keen interest in martial arts, she joined Karate at the age of 5 and mastered it when she was 21 with First Dan in Shito-Ryo Karate. It made her disciplined, confident and strong from the core. She was curious and interested to learn about different disciplines as well, thus, decided to make a transition and tried her hand at Kung Fu for four years. Simultaneously, at 22, she embarked on her Yoga journey. At 30, she moved to Singapore from India and founded “Sri’s Yoga” and today she has over 200 students, who have currently enrolled for her classes. She has inspired countless students and teachers of various ages across the globe. Her classes are an embody of fun, light-hearted yet profound. One will always come out of her classes feeling positive and elated because of her vivacious and happy energy.

“One may be average and the other exemplary but if you ain’t practicing, you both are the same!”

  • What I love about Sri's School of Yoga is that every session is different and unique. It has been a wonderful journey for me, as I learn something new in every session. I've made good progress as I started as a beginner for 90 degrees, but now I also enjoy shoulder stand, 50 sun salutations, power yoga and much more. Even kids love her and Yoga as she makes it fun for them as well. I admire the way she makes a difference and I feel truly blessed to have such a mindful, thoughtful and awesome teacher.

    Nandan Sharma


  • Sripriya is an experienced and extremely knowledgeable yoga teacher, and I always look forward to her classes as her dynamic personality makes the learning fun, whether it is an intense or restorative session. The asanas are well planned and balanced for each session, and gives prime focus on breathing techniques and the right alignment during every asana. She encourages me to take a notch higher by trying either a new pose or a variation of an asana but takes care of all techniques to avoid any injury. It gives me a wonderful sense of satisfaction when I feel the stretch in the exact muscle that she mentions for every pose. She also shares the anatomical perspective and health benefits related to the asanas. All of this is what makes her a great yoga guru. I'm looking forward to learning a lot more from her.



  • I joined Sripriya's classes with a purpose to increase my flexibility and solve my left leg nerve issues. I set my priorities straight that I need a better version of myself and signed up for unlimited online classes in May 2020. I was a little hesitant as I wasn't sure if I will do justice to it, but one month later, I'm glad I made that decision. Out of 24 classes a month, I took 23 and I absolutely love the high dosage of endorphins I gain at the end of each class. She brings variety to the classes as it covers different aspects such as mobility, stability, endurance, strength and flexibility. I personally love traditional hatha yoga, Iyengar yoga, yin yoga, relaxing stretches and restorative yoga classes. I cannot thank her enough for her dedication and attention to details of my alignment during the class and for bringing discipline in me which helps me grow and be a better version of myself.

    Divas Shetty


  • I joined Sri’s School of Yoga in 2019 and I enjoy it immensely because of her expertise in yoga and her way of teaching. She’s always hospitable, caring, patient and approachable. I have never faced any problems approaching her to clarify my doubts. Today, my favourite pose is Headstand. But, in all honesty, when I first encountered this pose, I was too scared to try without my instructor or a barrier for support. But with time, Sripriya guided me and built my confidence and core muscles so that I could pull myself up to do a headstand. Now, whenever I get the chance to relax and strike a pose, I choose this inversion. She is very motivating and always encourages us to improve on poses and perfect it. Sometimes, when we are busy with our daily schedules and we don’t feel like doing yoga, she will take it upon herself to call and motivate us individually. Her personal attention to each student is one of the many things I love about her. Walking into her class is like walking into an old friend’s home. I have immensely benefited from her lessons physically, emotionally and spiritually. I had no idea I could gain so much before joining her classes but now there is no turning back. Take my word and join Sri’s Yoga and I’m sure you will find a ‘newer healthier you’ in no time! I thank Sri’s yoga for every second of every minute I turn up on my mat, my divine intervention. She is the best yoga instructor ever!



  • I have been to many yoga classes in Singapore both in studios and CCs,  but was greatly disappointed and discontinued it every single time. Just when I was about to give up, one of my friends recommended Sri's yoga but to tell the truth I wasn't excited at all because of my previous experiences. I gave in and attended her trial session. I was extremely impressed and happy with Sripriya's first lesson itself. The session was very well-planned with a proper flow focussing on every part. In just one hour, it gave an intense stretch to my entire body. What's unique about her is that she gave such great importance to the alignment of the body which she says is an inevitable element while doing asanas. I didn't think twice before reserving a mat space with her. I always find myself lucky to have found such an awesome, energetic, joyful, fun-loving and amazing person as my teacher, and a very loving and caring friend. We all know that yoga can change lives. It truly helped me gain the energy that I had lost due to the many health issues from Thyroid to Kidney diseases. Sripriya was always very careful in choosing my asanas, keeping my health condition in mind and used to focus more on pranayamas to calm the mind and reduce stress. After a few lessons with Sripriya, my Blood Pressure came back to normal and all my results started stabilizing. Today, I feel more free, relaxed and happy. It feels like Sripriya is transferring her endless energy to her students. She always makes the so-called 'impossible asanas, possible" for us even without our knowledge. I feel blessed to have a Guru like Sripriya.

    Rekha Kumar


  • I'm a very spontaneous person who loses interest in anything in maximum 2 classes, be it the gym or any other class and I was sure it would be the same case when I first attended Sri's Yoga classes. But it's 8 months now that I'm still her student. After joining her classes, I’m more energetic and happier. There is one particular month that I want to talk about, Sripriya had run a Surya Namaskar Marathon, where we were supposed to do 51 Surya Namaskar continuously. I could feel the difference in my mind and body and the strength it gave me. What I love about her is that she's truly a professional. At the end of each class, we chant different Slokas, and though I'm not someone who practices Slokas daily, whenever I used to chant Om I could feel the energy flowing through me. All my weekends start on an energetic and positive note due to her morning classes. To all those who are sceptical, or in double-mind if you should join her class, my advice would be to not think so much and enroll for a trial class as you need to experience the feeling on your own because this sure is something that cannot be put into words.

    Ann Mary Joseph


  • Sripriya is such an excellent tutor, and she made me believe that I could do 51 Surya Namaskars in a month (August 2019). Initially, I thought it was impossible but under her guidance I achieved it. I was so shocked and so were my family members. I am so thankful to her that she believed in me. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to yoga at any level, be it beginners, intermediate or advanced. It's Singapore's gain to have her and believe me, in future, whichever country she resides in, I would truly say that it will be the country's gain to have her as she would make a huge difference in the community she would stay in for sure.

    Rupali Desai


  • Sri's yoga classes have helped me to relieve my stress during exams. Another thing that I can never forget is that I did 21 Surya Namaskars in one go because I never thought I could do it. I really enjoyed it, and it increased my confidence level and I’m always excited about what's coming up next in her classes. Yoga overall has calmed me down, and it has helped me remain such even during the high levels of stress I usually have during my exams. I love her classes.

    Taleesh Ishmael

    Student (Kids)

  • I joined Sri's School of Yoga about a year back. I enjoy her classes, and I also learnt about teamwork and harmony during games sessions. She has always guided me through all the classes. This has also created a positive impact in school, as Yoga has helped me stay calm. Post-school, I go for my Yoga class and do asanas and I feel so much better.

    Bhumika Ishwar

    Student (Kids)

  • I have been a student in Sripriya teacher's yoga classes for over a year now and I enjoy it. The sessions are a lot of fun. I enjoy doing handstands and the asanas. I also practice it every day before I head to school as it calms me down. It has been beneficial in my studies as well, as it has helped me increase my concentration power. Before any examination, I usually tend to get very nervous; but practice Yoga before I go for any exam and it has helped me a lot.


    Student (Kids)

  • It's been over two years since I enrolled in Sripriya teacher's classes and it has helped increase my arm strength and get my core strong. I enjoy doing a headstand, mountain pose, and Surya Namaskar. It has also helped me control my anger and stay calm. It has not only helped me increase my overall physical strength and flexibility, but it has also helped me increase my concentration power and do well in my studies.

    Anushka Ishwar

    Student (Kids)

  • "It's a lovely weather today to tuck into the quilt", "I'm in no mood to exercise today", "It's okay if I don't exercise one day", these and many more used to be my excuses for not exercising but this was only until I joined Sri's yoga. Today, I find excuses to go and workout. Of course, being fitter was my decision, but, the only thing that kept me going on this path was Sripriya, her lessons and her knowledge. I've done quite a lot of exercising forms in her classes, and I have explored a lot of variations in Hatha Yoga. I have also done Pranayama, body toning. And trust me while doing every variation, it only awes me with Sripriya's in-depth knowledge and understanding of fitness. Just last year (2019), we did a Surya Namaskar marathon and the target was 51. Most of us weren't sure if we would ever be able to do it but we did it. This was possible only because of Sripriya's knowledge and her immense trust in us. And today, most of us believe that we can do even more than that. Another realisation that we all have is that we can do much more than we thought we could do. So, if fitness is your goal then Sri's school of yoga is the place to go.

    Asha Vinod


  • After joining Sri's school of yoga, it has helped me increase my concentration power, I'm more focussed and flexible and I feel really confident. I love practising the lotus posture and mountain posture. Sripriya teacher's classes are always fun and it has brought my spirits up. I love it.

    Bhuva Matondkar

    Student (Kids)

  • I've been learning under Sripriya from the past 7 years and she's truly a bundle of joy and with her around, life always seems fun.  It has been a wonderful journey travelling with her, which is not just limited to learning yoga but so many more things in life, spiritually, and otherwise such as how to live life, cherish life, and enjoy life. She is an excellent teacher. In a crowd of 100, she can pick up the smallest mistake you make. She watches each and every move we make and she wants us to excel to the best of our ability. That also shows her dedication. She often says, 'yoga is what you can do best. There is no definition of what's the best or the highest goal. But it is what you can do to your best and that's what yoga is all about.' I have become a completely different person since I started learning yoga from her. I have also learnt how to be mature internally and externally. She makes sure she teaches all that she knows to her students and she is very specific to individual needs. She knows the strength and weakness of every student and she tries to bring out the best in them making them feel confident about their own self. I feel that's the best thing a teacher can do. Apart from that, Sripriya is a multifaceted personality and excels in so many fields, be it Taekwondo, Karate, Art, Music, name anything under the sun and I can tell you that if she knows it. I'm sure that she will keep spreading the joy of learning and I hope to continue this journey together for years and years to come.



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